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Why Living in Boulder is in Demand

Why Living In Boulder Is In Demand

When President Harry Truman spread the wings of the federal government to this sleepy Colorado college town in 1949, cosmopolitan types asked, “Why Boulder?” Today, Boulder is home to many of the country’s most creative thinkers, inspired and illustrious entrepreneurs and world class athletes who share a common bond; a passion for the Rocky Mountains environment that serves as playground to wellness lifestyles where mind, body and spirit reign supreme.
Sitting at the intersection of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains in Boulder Valley, physical, mental, spiritual and economic wellness is not so much a pursuit as a way of life. The evolution of Boulder and its inspired culture has been remarkably consistent with the vision of its noted city planner, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.
“As with food we eat and the air we breathe, so the sights habitually before our eyes play an immense part of determining whether we feel cheerful, efficient and fit for life,” Olmsted said in 1908, 107 years ago!
When employees of the National Standards’ New Radio Propagation Laboratory arrived and after the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) settled into their mountain digs, designed by renowned architect I.M. Pei, employees were rewarded with panoramic views of Boulder Valley. When their eyes and the eyes of the nation opened to the magical allure of Boulder, a culture of energetic well-being set in and never left.
Today, vacationers, tourists, prospective Boulderites and existing residents are more likely to wonder “Why not Boulder” than “Why Boulder.”

Boulder’s Economic Growth

As Olmsted predicted, Boulder “should be a prosperous city where people would come to live their lives, not simply a place to come, make money and depart.” With the arrival of IBM and other national businesses, Boulder enjoyed fantastic growth in the 1950’s and 60’s when its population more than doubled to 67,000. Today, more than 300,000 residents call Boulder County home.

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An intriguing mixture of free-thinking hippies, corporate Americans and respected scholars have come together to celebrate Boulder’s dynamic lifestyle. With an energetic commitment to wellness at every turn, forward-thinking entrepreneurs arrived and created a robust startup environment filled with angel investors, venture capitalists and creative innovators interacting in the country’s most dramatic metro area.
If you wonder “Why Boulder,” imagine exciting startups and established high profile companies like Google, IBM, Ball Aerospace, Microsoft, Ski Magazine, StorageTek, Amgen, Exabyte, McData and Celestial Seasonings working and
celebrating life together in Boulder CO.
Job growth is fluid. Ideas are long and unemployment short in Boulder. Employees who come and stay rather than leave. In this environment, opportunity is around every corner.

Fit for Life Capital

The Rocky Mountains are Boulder’s playground. With 35,000 acres protected for public use, 200 miles of bike paths, more than 60 parks, more than 1,000 ski and snowboard trails within two hours and with Rocky Mountains National Park nearby, healthy lifestyles are easy to embrace.
World class athletes and coaches like Jeremy Bloom, Frank Shorter, Davis Phinney, Emma Coburn, Chrissie Wellington and others are likely to cross your path at any time of any day. Locally owned and operated, Flatirons, named after Boulder’s trademark sedimentary stone slabs, is one of the greatest fitness centers in the US. Living proof of health and wellness walks Boulder’s streets every day.
Just about every resident of Boulder owns a bike and uses it! The city is poetry in motion as cars often stay at home in this dog and pet-friendly outdoor paradise where the sun shines more than 300 days a year.

Cultural Epicenter

As might be expected from the town that houses the largest component in the University of Colorado chain, Boulder is a vibrant cultural epicenter. Weekly concerts at the Fox, the Boulder Theater and the acclaimed Red Rocks Amphitheatre set the perfect tone for the likes of the annual Startup Week or the hilarious Ignite Boulder festival. With the popularity of farm-to-table hobby farm cuisine, the dazzling Boulder Farmer’s Market convenes twice a week and is as irresistible as the town and its patrons. Boulder’s renowned culture of fine food, original beer and new coffee brews provide comfortable eateries where food, beverage and far reaching conversations somehow flow seamlessly in the easy going, thought- provoking ambiance that is Boulder.
The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and The Shakespeare Bach Festival characterize the wealth of artists and musicians that congregate here. Known as an art-friendly community, hundreds of galleries line the streets.

From Small College Town to Mini-Metropolis Powerhouse

Since opening Chautauqua Park, where Texas schoolteachers were encouraged to retreat and after the opening of University of Colorado Boulder on September 5, 1877, the city has embraced the sciences, arts, music, technology and academics with uncommon enthusiasm. With NCAR, NIST and NAOA in town, Boulder rightfully claims more PhD’s per capita than any other American city. With 30,000 plus undergraduates, 18 astronauts, 11 Nobel Laureates and 8
MacArthur Fellows among the university’s many distinguished alumni, Boulder enjoys a youthful, invigorating perspective. Every year, Boulder County ranks among the top metro areas in terms of GDP.

Why Boulder? Why Not!

Regardless of what literature you have read, epic stories you have heard or mind-boggling images of Boulder you have seen, the only way to completely understand the opportunity that is Boulder, Colorado, is to come see for
yourself! 107 years after Olmsted helped plan Boulder, the city and county still epitomize his vision. Voted Happiest City in the US and Most Fit City in America and winner of a host of other awards, Boulder lays fair claim to the title, “Outdoorsman’s New York City.”

A Few Boulder Annual Awards

Boulder has won so many national awards that it is impossible to list them all. Below are a few of our favorite “Why Boulder” awards:

  • Top Vegan-Friendly Cities of 2013 – PETA
  • Most Patent-intensive Metro Areas – The Daily Beast
  • 10 Best U.S. Cities for Young Adults – MSN Money
  • Best Cities for Job Growth, 2013 – New Geography
  • Least-obese Metro Areas – Gallup
  • Dynamic Locales For Walkable Living – Where to Retire
  • Tree City USA – 29th consecutive year – National Arbor Day Foundation
  • Top 10 Metros for Female Executives – Avalanche Consulting
  • The 20 Most Innovative Cities in the U.S. – Business Insider
  • Metropolitan Areas with the Highest Percentage of Workers with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – 2011
  • Metropolitan Areas with the Highest Percentage of Workers in Technology – 2011
  • Metropolitan Areas with the Most U.S. Patent Applications Per Capita: 2007-2011
  • Metropolitan Areas with the Highest Number of Annual Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Awards: 2007-2011
  • Best-Performing Cities 2012 – Milken Institute
  • America’s Most Creative Cities – 2012 – The Daily Beast
  • 9 Fittest Towns of the West – 2012 – Sunset Magazine
  • Bicycle Friendly Community – Platinum Status (one of only three) – 2012 – League of American Bicyclists
  • Most bike-friendly cities in the US – 2012 – CNNgo
  • Boulder among most affluent U.S. cities – 2012 – Biz Journal
  • CU-Boulder ranked No. 1 for Peace Corps volunteers -2012 – Peace Corps
  • Top 10 US travel destinations for 2012 – Lonely Planet
  • The Most Artistic Cities in America – 2011 – The Atlantic Cities
  • Most Economically Vibrant College Town – 2011 – The Atlantic Cities
  • Most Well-Read City – 2011 – Amazon.com
  • Happiest City in the USA 2011 – Gallup Well-Being Index out of 188 metro areas
  • Best Bicycling City – 2011 – Bicycling Magazine
  • Highest percentage of college educated women in the USA -2010
  • America’s Foodiest Town – 2010 – Bon Apetit
  • Happiest City in the USA 2010 – Gallup Well-Being Index

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