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About Boulder


Majestically set in the Boulder Valley foothills at the intersection of the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, Boulder has always had a captivating effect on its residents, guests and me. Founded by settlers of the Colorado Gold Rush in 1859, population growth in Boulder City Town Company was flat until the railroad arrived and unleashed the area’s vast natural potential in 1873. By 1880, the population had tripled.

What has always distinguished Boulder is the resident’s longstanding commitment to conservation and land preservation, which formally began in 1898 with the purchase of Chautauqua Park. By the end of the 19th century, Boulder was recognized for its culture of arts, year round recreation, health and wellness initiatives.

Today, America’s #1 Sports Town in America is surrounded by 45,000 acres of deliciously invigorating open space known as Boulder Creek Path. With easy access to downtown Denver, the Denver International Airport, Rocky Mountain National Park and miles of some of the most notorious ski destinations in the world, Boulder’s fixation to personal, professional and economic wellness is unparalleled.

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“As with food we eat and the air we breathe, so the sights habitually before our eyes play an immense part of determining whether we feel cheerful, efficient and fit for life,” City planner Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. said 107 years ago!

Setting & Climate

  • The City covers 27.8 square miles
  • Boulder’s elevation is 5,430 feet
  • 2300 miles of protected public hiking and biking trails
  • Four seasons but more than 300 days of sunshine per year
  • 83.8 inches of snow annually

Boulder Demographics

America’s Best College Town for People Who Aren’t in College (Conde Nast Traveler) is home to nearly 30,000 University of Colorado Boulder students.

  • The City population is 102,500
  • Boulder County has approximately 300,000 residents
  • By Age:
  • 18-24 years – 31%
  • 25-44 years – 36%
  • 45-64 years – 25%
  • 65+ years – 8%
  • Median age – 29 years

Arts & Culture

Residents of Boulder embrace the sciences, arts, music, technology and academics with uncommon enthusiasm. Boulder has earned multiple cultural awards, including “Best Cities to See Street Performers” and “Outstanding Wine Program.”

  • 4 local museums
  • 3 stage and screen theaters
  • Festival galore, including:
  • Colorado Shakespeare Festival
  • Colorado Music Festival
  • Chautauqua Summer Festival
  • More than 400 restaurants
  • Local and regional fare
  • International cuisine
  • Farm to table
  • Named Top Farmers’ Market in the US
  • Gallery haven


America’s city with the most PhD’s per capita has a longstanding history of education excellence. Boulder’s persona is uniquely youthful, healthy and educated.

  • University of Colorado Boulder opened September 5, 1877
  • Approximately 30,000 plus undergraduates
  • Among the university distinguish alumni are:
  • 18 astronauts
  • 11 Nobel Laureates
  • 8 MacArthur Fellows


Boulder’s economy and real estate market is stable, vibrant and innovative. Boulder residents tend to stay, even if it means passing on career opportunities in mother places.

  • NCAR, NIST and NAOA help make Boulder a research hub
  • 3,600 scientists live in Boulder
  • Today, Boulder is recognized as a leading startup capital
  • More than 2,000 guestrooms await tourists and visitors
  • Boulder is long on entrepreneurs, short on unemployment
  • Today, the one-time golf town is a land of different opportunities
  • Dynamic startups and established high profile companies
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Ball Aerospace
  • Microsoft
  • Ski Magazine
  • StorageTek
  • Amgen
  • Exabyte
  • McData
  • Celestial Seasonings
  • More and then some!
  • 85% of Pearl Street Mall shops are privately owned and operated

Green Reigns

Namedone of America’s Top City for Well-Being (Gallup-Healthways – 2014), Boulder residents vigorously embrace climate change research, sustainable development and green initiatives.

  • Center of the Green Movement
  • Groundbreaking sustainable practices commitment since 1951
  • Strong recycling
  • Organic restaurants
  • Green hotels
  • 40 residents on Al Gore’s Nobel Prize climate change initiative
  • Alternative energy, bio-diesel paradise
  • Shops on Pearl Street Mall are wind powered
  • Strong tradition of land conservancy and conservation
  • Aggressive planning regulations
  • Committed to net zero development
  • 65% of Boulder County land is protected from development
  • Best Farmers’ Market in US


Fitness and wellness happen here! From world class competitors to avid fitness enthusiasts, you are never far removed from fitness and mental and physical wellness activities in one of USA Today’s Most Bike Friendly Cities.

  • Flatirons Fitness Center is renowned
  • 350 dedicated miles of hiking, biking trails and paths
  • 70 Olympians currently reside in Boulder
  • 1,000 miles of ski trails within reach
  • Coaching metropolis
  • Ironman Triathlon
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Mountain climbing
  • Swimming at Boulder Reservoir
  • Fitness and wellness are here, every day of the year

“Without wilderness, we will eventually lose the capacity to understand America. Our drive, our ruggedness, our unquenchable optimism and zeal and élan go back to the challenges of the untrammeled wilderness.” President Theodore Roosevelt

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